a pronghorn buck, Antilocapra americana, herds his harem. In the background, a challenger. Mating season is an incredible time
National Bison Range, Montana
a pronghorn buck, Antilocapra americana, pursues a challenger. It is mating season
National Bison Range, Montana
a pronghorn buck, Antilocapra americana, stands upon the grasses
National Bison Range, Montana
a marsh within the Jocko Lake fire burnout
Jocko Lake burnout, Montana, in the background the Swan Mountains
Placid Lake, Montana
I was sitting beside a lush pond surrounded by acres of the charred remains of a forest fire when this dragonfly hovered before me
Jocko Lake burnout, near Placid Lake, Montana
11:27 PM

the robins will sing
in the morning so my
child survive the night

the mayflies are mating
and so they will die to feed
the swallow’s joyful

8:03 AM

when I die
my feathered woman
write some words
upon a stone

so when my children
walk upon me
they may never be

11:27 PM

your body tastes
of bane berry
your blood so
warm flows all
around my parting

the doves call
in ever joyful
mourning the Sun
rises to greet
our sweating disheveled

a man and friend
died yesterday
and so I weep
for the wasps
within the trap
I have wrought

wipe my tears
away woman
if only to wreak
witch magic
upon my withered