8:03 AM

when I die
my feathered woman
write some words
upon a stone

so when my children
walk upon me
they may never be

11:27 PM

your body tastes
of bane berry
your blood so
warm flows all
around my parting

the doves call
in every joyful
mourning the Sun
rises to greet
our sweating disheveled

a man and friend
died yesterday
and so I weep
for the wasps
within the trap
I have wrought

wipe my tears
away woman
if only to wreak
witch magic
upon my withered

11:03 PM

I shall bear
like the bison
the great weight
of this world

I shall labor
upon the soil

10:18 PM

the man stands
within the desert

[I am born
of the desert]

the man stands
upon the plains

[I am born
of the plains]

the man stands
within the forest

[I am born
of the forest]

the man stands
before the ocean

[I am born
of the ocean]

the man stands
upon the mountain

[I am born
of the mountain]

the man stands
before the father

[I am born
of the father]

the man stands
before the mother

[I am born
of the mother]

the man eats
of the maize

[I am become
the maize]

3:40 PM

a woman laughs within
the trees and all
the men raise
their heads
like dogs chained
to the porch
tails wagging

in the distance
a fire dances
through the mountains
the Sun red
shines upon
my reddened

I live with
the ravens
and the passing
starling swarms

a woman was
with me so soon
ago yet all leaves
must in time fall
autumnal from
a growing tree

a world lives
below an ocean
flows above

the time passes
and I am no place
but sitting here

9:55 PM

the osprey is flying
in the morning
will he find
a fish today?

trout are swimming
in river will they
find the fisherman’s

man is running
through the willows
will he find a woman
to hold?

[it is silent
smoke hangs
heavily upon
the valley the sky
is red]

O! osprey
take away
this pain
from deep
inside me

dive into
the waters
all around

teach me how
to die or at least
to fly free

8:58 AM

the fog hangs over
the valley and all
the bulls are busy
feeding and learning
their determined

your body my
love is made
of shale and all
young men will
wicked turn to own
your explosive
corporal wealth

the grass rained
upon is green around
us the blades
hang with temporal

6:56 AM

when I hold you noise
passes as silence between
our skin

and a world plentifully
peaceful may

9:11 PM

it is summer and all
the forest is fruiting

the Sun and the soil
have become serviceberry

the cottonwoods collapsed
have blooming become

so too am I become

the insects leave
their biting mark

the mosquitoes construct
life upon my living

11:14 PM
children of Mary

there is a sorrow
hidden beneath
the skin of the fairest

deep within their aura
of song and beauty
there is a pain hidden
like stones beneath
a mountain top

who shall
come to know
such sorrow

except the most
worthy of men